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Why Lumen Mundi

Since 1996, Lumen Mundi has been supplying the Catholic market with the highest quality catholic product from Italy. We strive for innovation and quality in our products and together with our Italian partners, we have been able to come up with some of the most creative and best-selling lines in our industry such as the tokens, catholic gift bags, healing saints, oxidized medals, and some other successful lines. Thanks to our amazing customers that are always recommending and giving us feedback on the items that they are looking for, we really put our faith and heart into coming up with creative and unique products for our customers.

How our Products are Made

Here are some images and a video of how our products are made. 95% of our religious wholesale jewelry is hand made in Italy.

Pentecost Sunday
May 28, 2023

Pentecost Sunday

“And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.” Acts 2:1


 The glorious Season of Easter draws to a close this blessed Sunday as we joyfully approach the Feast of Pentecost. On this sacred day, we commemorate the wondrous descent of the Holy Spirit upon us and the Apostles, who were gathered in the upper room in the holy city of Jerusalem. It is a momentous occasion that marks the birth of the Church, heralding a new era of faith and divine grace.


May the Feast of Pentecost be a time of spiritual awakening and renewal for each of us, as we fervently pray for the Holy Spirit to fill us with His grace, wisdom, and fortitude. May our lives be transformed by the power of the Spirit, enabling us to fulfill the great commission entrusted to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. With hearts aflame and minds enlightened, let us go forth and be witnesses of the Resurrection, proclaiming the saving message of Christ to all who seek solace, salvation, and eternal life. Amen.


Yours in Christ,


Your Lumen Mundi and Devon Team

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2023 Inventory Closure Reminder and Memorial Day
May 24, 2023

2023 Inventory Closure Reminder and Memorial Day

Dear Friends,


June is quickly approaching, and we wanted to remind everyone that Lumen Mundi & Devon will be closing for our physical inventory counts. We will not be shipping any orders during the week of June 5th through June 9th.


We urge you to place your orders in advance of this week, as shipping will temporarily cease at 5:30pm on Friday, June 2nd. Our goal is to resume shipments as soon as possible, likely on Monday, June 12th. We will keep you informed and send an update on Friday, June 9th so you can plan accordingly.


Please feel free to leave messages for your sales representative or our customer service team during this time, and they will be in touch as soon as they are able to.


Please see below for a special message for Memorial Day.

Memorial Day prompts deep reflection within the Lumen Mundi and Devon family (since Steve is a veteran) and reminds us of the courageous Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice to secure our freedom. These words from Abraham Lincoln resonate strongly: "In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."


Over the span of 250 years, countless Americans have offered their lives on the altar of freedom, defending the cherished ideals that define our nation. These brave men and women, driven by love for their country and fellow Americans, have selflessly given everything, making their lives profoundly meaningful to a grateful nation.


Amidst the parades, celebrations, and barbeques, it can be easy to lose sight of the true significance of this holiday. Initially known as Decoration Day, it emerged during the American Civil War, a time when our nation endured its greatest loss of life in any conflict, past or present. Following World War I, it expanded to honor those who had perished in all U.S. wars, eventually becoming known as Memorial Day.


Genuine freedom can be unrefined, even unsettling, demanding great sacrifices. Our collective American history is replete with tales of brave individuals we commemorate on this day. As we revel in the company of family and friends, we implore everyone to pause and pray for those sacrifices, lifting them up to God - honoring them as we uphold the cherished values and beliefs that unite us as Catholics and as Americans.


Yours in Christ,


Gabrielle, Steve and the entire Lumen Mundi/Devon Team

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May 18, 2023


“And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.”  Mathew 28:20.


When we think about Ascension, we think of Jesus leaving his disciples, but He says, “I AM with you…”.  


The Ascension of our Lord is an event that is commemorated by a feast day, usually Thursday in the Sixth Week of Easter. It’s also one of the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary.


Forty days after Christ astounded His Apostles and disciples by his resurrection, it was time for Him to return to His Father in heaven and pave the way to make that our true home.  Jesus’ leaving should give us all comfort knowing that when He departs to be at His Father’s side, He does not leave us, rather He is always among us, in the presence of the Holy Spirit.


At Lumen Mundi, we rejoice with all on this Glorious Day.  Let us all celebrate in the comfort, and joy that Jesus is not departed, but always here; always with us.  

Yours in Christ,

Your Lumen Mundi and Devon team

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