Why Lumen Mundi

Since 1996, Lumen Mundi has been supplying the Catholic market with the highest quality catholic product from Italy. We strive for innovation and quality in our products and together with our Italian partners, we have been able to come up with some of the most creative and best-selling lines in our industry such as the tokens, catholic gift bags, healing saints, oxidized medals, and some other successful lines. Thanks to our amazing customers that are always recommending and giving us feedback on the items that they are looking for, we really put our faith and heart into coming up with creative and unique products for our customers.

How our Products are Made

Here are some images and a video of how our products are made. 95% of our religious wholesale jewelry is hand made in Italy.

Lumen Mundi 2022 Holiday Closing Message
December 05, 2022

Lumen Mundi 2022 Holiday Closing Message

We would like to wish our customers a very happy holiday season. As a reminder, Lumen Mundi and Devon offices will be closed from 5:30pm EST on 12/21/22,and reopening on 1/3/2023. 

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Thanksgiving 2022
November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving 2022

“Remember the past with gratitude. Live the present with enthusiasm. Look forward to the future with confidence.” - St. John Paul II

As we enter this season of Thanksgiving, it is easy to get consumed in the pace of the holiday. The shopping, the cooking, the stress of family and friends, and need to balance the demands of work and our families; but being grateful is something we should take time to embrace, as it fills our lives and hearts with the love of God.

This Thanksgiving, here at Lumen Mundi we are grateful to have the opportunity to work with our amazing customers and serve the Lord in our ministry. Working with all of you has been, and continues to be, a blessing - and we can only pray it continues for many years to come!

As we gather in celebration around the tables of our homes, let us take the time to ponder our blessings and give thanks to the Lord with humble hearts. Let us be grateful and live in the moment; let us cherish those who we love and celebrate the joy of God’s creations, and the love that every person brings into our lives.

Finally, being thankful would be incomplete without the people that make our mission, our business, and our lives so special. Over the years we have learned that it is the people who make the difference in every endeavor and each aspect of our lives. Not only have we have forged incredible relationships with so many of you and are blessed by you and your partnership over the years, but we also work with a wonderful team of people to serve you and our Lord in this ministry. As such, the offices of Lumen Mundi will be closed on Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th, so our team can enjoy their time with family and friends on this special day. We will reopen on Monday, November 28th, 9am, to continue serving your needs until our Christmas closure, which will begin this year on Thursday, December 22nd.

Happy Thanksgiving, and may God bless you!

In Christ,

Your Lumen Mundi and Devon Teams

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Veteran's Day 2022
November 11, 2022

Veteran's Day 2022

We must never forget those who give so much!

There is a saying amongst those who serve in combat, “There are no atheists in the foxholes.” Faith is essential to all who serve. Faith in their cause, in their nation, in their fellow service members, and faith in their God. Faith that their purpose is noble, and that God will provide for their safety, comfort, protection of those they love, and faith that they will return home safely, especially when they serve far from home.

As Catholics, we need to pray for all, but, specifically for those who serve. We need to ask the Saints to intervene on our behalf, to protect and fortify those who sacrifice for us and for our nation. We need to pray for the comfort of those who serve, and for comfort and protection for their families.

Veterans Day in the United States, on November 11th, has beginnings in the armistice that ended World War I hostilities in 1918. The armistice between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed thereafter that November 11th be observed as "Armistice Day." In 1954, Congress passed legislation that renamed the federal holiday "Veterans Day" in recognition of the service of veterans in all U.S. Wars.

On this day, we honor the sacrifices of all Veterans. We remember their willingness to answer the call of service, and pray that we may honor their commitment with our own commitment to remember them, not just on Veterans Day, but always.

The Lumen Mundi family thanks our veterans – not only for their service, but also for their undying commitment to each of us and our nation! Blessings to them and their families today and always.

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