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Company Policies

Our Policies 

Return Policy

Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service and have several quality control systems in place to validate and check each order before shipping, however, we do realize that from time to time mistakes happen and returns might be necessary.

  • All damaged items must be reported within 7 days of receipt.
  • All return requests (non-damaged) are required within 10 days from receipt of merchandise. 
  • To return a product please contact Customer Service to get authorization to return. 
  • Please note that we do not accept returns after 30 days from receipt of merchandise. 
  • Returns may be subject to a 25% restocking fee and return shipping expenses.
  • Returns are not accepted on custom/special order items.


  • If you are placing your first order with us, THANK YOU and welcome to the Lumen Mundi family.  Please know that your first orders must be prepaid via credit card, ACH transfer, or cleared check/money order.
  • Customers may apply for payment terms by submitting an application to Info@LumenMundi.com or Faxing it to 888-330-4501. If you need/did not receive an application from your sales representative, please reach out to the office for assistance.
  • While we try to remain flexible for all of our customers, we cannot ship your items if your account is past due more than 45 days.  
  • If any invoice remains open after 60 days from statement terms are subject to a late fee of 1-1/2% per month on the overdue balance.
  • If an invoice is outstanding for more than 90 days, all outstanding invoices become immediately due. 
  • In the event an account becomes delinquent and is placed in collections, the buyer agrees to pay the full collection agency fees, any and all attorney fees as well as court costs, as needed.


As of 2/1/22, Lumen Mundi has added a 10% surcharge to all orders.  We have resisted price increases for more than three years (since mid-2019) even though, with scarcity of raw materials, exorbitant shipping costs and freight backlogs, there have been price increases across the board in almost all industries and sectors. We are hopeful that prices and freight will stabilize and we will be able to remove this surcharge in the future; and we will continue to keep our customers updated!

Minimum Orders

Since we only sell wholesale, and not to the general public, our minimum order is $100 wholesale.  If this is too high for your small store, we will be happy to accommodate your needs, provided the order is prepaid with an additional $5.00 processing fee added. You will need to call the office for these smaller orders, as you will not be able to place your order via the website.



We ship via USPS, UPS or FedEx within 24-48 hours from the time your order is placed whenever possible and on in-stock items (delays might happen from time to time and during high season; your sales representative will notify you of any delays!) Custom orders are subject to additional shipping terms that will be communicated by your sales representative. Once packages are turned over to shipping vendors, Lumen Mundi is no longer responsible for delays, damage or lost packages. Please contact Customer Service immediately if there are any issues with your shipment. 

Drop ships are possible, should you choose, for $3.75 per address in addition to the normal cost of shipping.

Lumen Mundi is also pleased to offer “Angel’s Wings” - our new shipping program!  Ask your sales representative for details to learn how you can get unlimited shipments all year for one fabulous price!  

(Note - this is an optional program available to you on a monthly or annual basis and replaces all other shipping programs that had been in effect prior.)


Our Back-Order Policy

We offer free shipping on all back orders over $100. If an order is not equal to or greater than $100, your sales representative will help you add some items to your order to meet the minimum threshold.  If you choose not to add items to your backorder, we will ship the order with the most economical shipping method with your approval. If you choose not to accept backorders, no problem, we will notate your account and cancel the backorder.