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Celebrating Our Mothers and Fathers

April 21, 2023

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Dear Friends,


Mother's Day and Father's Day are significant celebrations that acknowledge and pay tribute to the crucial role of parents in our lives. Mary and Joseph, as the earthly parents of Jesus, serve as exemplary models of the sanctity of motherhood and fatherhood, highlighting the loving relationship between God the Father and His children.


Mary is venerated as the epitome of motherhood in the Catholic tradition, having been chosen by God to be the mother of the Messiah. She lovingly cared for and nurtured Jesus, remaining loyal to Him even in the face of adversity.


Likewise, Joseph is held in high esteem in the Catholic tradition for being a just and righteous man who obeyed God's will by taking Mary and Jesus into his home, providing and protecting them. As the patron saint of fathers, Joseph's selflessness and devotion to his family are an inspiration to all men.


By celebrating Mother's Day and Father's Day, we honor the sacrifices and love that parents provide, reminding us of the significance of faith, love, and devotion in our families. As Catholics, we can use these special occasions to express gratitude to God for the gift of our mothers and fathers and seek Mary's intercession to assist us in becoming better parents, along with Joseph's guidance to be good examples to our children. Ultimately, these celebrations pay tribute to the family, which is the foundation of society and church.


To honor these roles, customers can choose from a beautiful selection of items from Lumen Mundi and Devon. Our incredible inventory of products offers an excellent way to express gratitude to mothers and fathers on these special days – and every day, since we don’t need holidays to celebrate these important people in our lives! Customers can speak to their sales representative, our customer service team, or explore our websites to discover all the products we offer for Mother’s Day, Father's Day and throughout the year.


May these days be filled with peace, love, joy and celebration of family!


Yours In Christ,


The Lumen Mundi and Devon Team

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