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DIY - Pocket Shrine

DIY - Pocket Shrine

November 25, 2015

Shrines have been part of the Catholic church for a millennia. Found in many churches, or Holy locations they are intended to be a place of quiet and focused Prayer. Often focused around a Saint or Devotional, shrines are places where we as Christians can learn from those who have come before us,  to follow the example and find similar strength with in ourselves.

Pocket shrines have been found made from a variety of items including: felt, candy tins, even bullet casings from soldiers during WWII.

These pocket shrines are perfect when you're on the go, a small reminder that God is always with you, and an excellent way to focus yourself.

Step 1:

Gathering Materials

This shrine was made with: Crafting supplies

-Finger Rosary


-Holy Spirit Medal

-Holy Family Medal

-Rosary box

-Decorative Paper




Step 2:
Measure Box and cut paper to fit bottom of box (This step is optional, I wanted to create a Christmas theme for mine so I added Holiday paper.)



Step 3:

Attach Finger Rosary and Cross.

Step 4:

Attach Medals 

I really like using this Rosary Box because it has Hooks already it in.

I hooked the Medals and just used a tiny dab of Glue to tack them to the back of the box


All Done!

I chose to make mine with a Christmas theme as a reminder to myself during the Holiday season to stop and focus on prayer.


Other theme Ideas:

Healing Saints

Seasonal Saints

Regional Saints






Mix and Match and the possibilities are endless.



Mary Bordelon

Mary Bordelon said:

I want to make these for some really special people in my life! Thank you for such a great idea!

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