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Memorial Day Message

Memorial Day Message

May 27, 2022

You only need to walk between the silent rows of headstones on the beaches of France, or look upon the murals of battles fought across the Pacific at the Punch Bowl in Hawaii, or stand before the memorial in Busan Korea, or watch the guards solemnly guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, Virginia, to understand that wherever freedom was in jeopardy - where justice was in peril - you can find the graves and monuments to Americans who gave their last breath in defense of their nation. Their lives given into the hands of God.

Memorial Day is solemn and touches us emotionally. Its origin, while somewhat murky, has its beginnings after the Civil War; a war when more Americans would give their lives in service to their country than in any other conflict. Over the history of our country, over 1.1 million Americans have given their lives while in uniform, with almost half of those deaths in the Civil War.

It’s appropriate that we celebrate the freedoms so many enjoy, not just Americans, on this Memorial Day. All of us at Lumen Mundi hope you enjoy the arrival of Spring, savor the peace that allows us the opportunity to celebrate this day with friends and family and, when there is a moment, take some time to reflect, and remember that “Freedom is never free”; and many have made the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy the freedom we have today.

The Lumen Mundi and Devon offices will be closed on Monday, May 30th, so that our team can take this time to reflect and spend time with their family and friends. We will reopen on Tuesday, May 31st, and look forward to assisting you at that time.

Yours in Christ,

Gabrielle and the Lumen Mundi Team

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