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Welcome to the 3rd installment of our Lumen Mundi “Get to Know your Team” series. Today, we will be introducing you to YOUR Warehouse Team:

March 21, 2019

In this week’s “Get To Know Your Team” series, we are proud to feature your warehouse team: Phil, Shane, Chucky and Benard (in order, from left to right.) These four gentlemen work tirelessly, day after day, ensuring that our products are picked, packed, and shipped with tender loving care.  While you may not ever speak to them, or even hear their names, rest assured that they are a critical part of the Lumen Mundi team and they ensure our customers are taken care of from behind the scenes.  Between the four of them, under Chucky and Shane’s lead, they are responsible for managing over 5,000 SKU’s in our Florida warehouse and juggle hundreds of inbound and outbound shipments each and every day.  
Chucky, Shane, and Phil all have their roots in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, though only Chucky was born there; Shane was born in Florida; Phil was born in Brooklyn, NY; and Benard is from Kenya.  Chucky has been with Lumen Mundi for almost six (6) years, Shane has been with us for almost three (3) years and Phil just joined a year and a half ago.  Benard is the newest member of the warehouse team and joined us in January of this year to meet the needs of the business and ensure your orders leave our warehouse as quickly and accurately as possible. Your entire warehouse team has a passion for Lumen Mundi and more importantly for you, our customer!  
Tokens continue to be one of our most popular products and we continue to create new designs and styles every year to add to our current collection of 300+.  Over the past 26 years, the warehouse team has shipped over 5 million tokens.  To thank you for helping us to achieve this milestone, this week’s special involves tokens!  If you buy 10 bags of silver-tone, stock (non-custom) tokens, our gift to you is ONE FREE BAG!  Use code WH2019 or mention this e-blast to take advantage of this promotion on or before Monday, March 25th.
Call us at 888-844-0215 or visit our web site today at www.lumenmundi.comto take advantage of this limited time offer.  Free tokens are waiting for you, and as always, thank you for your business!

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