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Whats So Great About Pocket Tokens?

Whats So Great About Pocket Tokens?

February 09, 2018

 Pocket tokens have always been one of our best sellers at Lumen Mundi. There are many reasons why people love these items both as gifts and keepsakes for themselves. We wanted to share some of the most common questions we get about our Pocket Tokens.

Q: What is a Pocket Token?

A: Our Pocket Tokens are 1-1/4-inch tokens made from a zinc-alloy and plated with silver. They feature images, prayers, motivational sayings or Blessings, just to name a few possibilities. They are often purchased to give as gifts for special events, birthdays, holidays, as a reminder that someone is loved and cared for, as encouragement and strength, as an encouragement or reminder to pray, as a remember God’s love for you, or as a keepsake.

Q: Why do you make your Pocket Tokens from Zinc-Alloy instead of pewter like some others I have seen?

A: We find that the Zinc-Alloy tends to be a much stronger substance than pewter. Since our intention is that people carry our Pocket Tokens with them everyday it is important to us that they will stand up to daily life. Remember these are Pocket Tokens – they are meant to be in your pocket with your Keys, Phones, wallets – we want to make sure they will last.

Q: Do you have a Pocket Token for every Saint?

A: Short Answer: No

Long Answer: There are thousands of saints, and there is just not enough of a demand for every saint to have a Pocket Token for each one. However, we do have a selection of over 300 Pocket Tokens, many of them feature the most widely known Saints.

In addition to this we are able and very happy to work with our customers to create a custom token for them featuring a Saint, an event, their location or pretty much anything that you can think of on a Pocket Token.

Q: Why are Pocket Tokens such good selling items?

A: Pocket Tokens are great sellers because they are small, inexpensive items that make a big impact. Pocket Tokens are both excellent gifts, and keepsakes for oneself. Pocket Tokens can be placed on large free-standing displays or in one of our small 12 bin displays right at the checkout counter.

They are a great way to tell someone you care and are thinking about them.

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