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Who are the Healing Saints?

Who are the Healing Saints?

February 16, 2018

 Many people can tell you how powerful Pray can be. Maintaining faith in God’s will can be very difficult during trying times in our life, but through prayer, we are able to find strength.

Sometimes we need more than just our own prays to guide us through. Catholic have turned to the Healing Saints for particularly difficult issues. Healing Saints are individuals who we can ask to intercede for us before God. We ask them to pray for us in our time of need. Healing Saints are known for miraculous events both in their lives and after their death.


Each Healing Saint has a Miraculous ability to aid us with a specific illness or difficult time.


Below is a list of Healing Saints and the Illnesses they intercede for.

Saint Illness
St. Agatha Breast Cancer
St. Andrew Avelino Blood Pressure
St. Teresa of Avila Headaches
St. Catherine Miscarriages
St. Charles Borromeo Obesity & Dieting
St. Dymphna Alzheimer’s/Dementia
St. Dymphna Stress/Anxiety/Mental Health
St. Josemaria Escriva Diabetes
St. Francis Sick Animals
St. Gemma Back Pain
St. Gerard Fertility
St. Giles Disability
St. Helen Relationships
St. Ignatius Wounded Soldiers
St. John of God Heart Disease
St. Jude Impossible Cases
St. Max Kolbe Addictions
St. Alphonsus Ligouri Arthritis
St. Lucy Eye Disorders
St. Nicholas Sick Children
St. Nick/Dymphna Autism
St. Pio Healing
St. Peregrine Cancer
St. Philomena Babies & Infants

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